Who are we?
Tarhan Moda Design Automotive Industry and Trade Limited Company was established on 16.10.2020 in İZMİR.

Tarhan Moda Tasarım, which maintains all stages of production with the same sensitivity from beginning to end with its expert staff, will be in the place we deserve in the sector with the quality hijab designs it produces.

Our Mission

To ensure the continuity of our brand value and to bring it to a better position as Tarhan Moda Design hijab clothing company by making full use of the knowledge of our expert staff.

-To be one of the leading names among wholesale hijab clothing companies by combining the right market and competitor analysis and the quality we have with a peaceful management system.

-To be mentioned among the wholesale hijab clothing companies, which are the leaders in not only pre-sales but also after-sales service by determining customer expectations correctly and ensuring their satisfaction accordingly.

-To create opportunities for our employees to develop themselves by blending technology and manpower at every stage of production.

-To help the textile industry, which is one of the lifebloods of the economy, to develop and grow in the field of wholesale hijab clothing.

To be a wholesale hijab clothing company that prioritizes customer satisfaction and quality product production above all commercial concerns.

our vision

As Tarhan Moda Design hijab clothing company, to lead our country to take its place in the international competition in wholesale hijab clothing sales, to contribute to the development of the textile industry, to support the increase in production and employment, to undertake a part of the export traffic in the world for wholesale hijab clothing sales and to increase the country's economy.

Our Contact Information:

Authorized: Murat Tarhan

İsmet captain mah. Tanaçan business center D:41 Floor:4 No:1 Çankaya / İzmir

Phone: 05395807030

Email1: [email protected]

Email2: [email protected]

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