About Membership

To become a member of our store, it is sufficient to go to our Member Transactions page and fill in the relevant sections. It is very important that you fill in your member information correctly and completely in terms of the possibility of communication and transportation problems. Please fill in carefully and completely in order for products and services to arrive quickly and safely. Becoming a member is a very simple and fast process. Being a member does not mean that you are under any obligation. However, carefully read the Sales Agreement before shopping. You have the right to end your membership anytime you want.

Membership Cancellation

The member has the right to terminate his membership at any time. After you terminate your membership, your relationship with our site will be terminated. To terminate your membership, you must submit your request from our contact information page after logging in.

Membership Cannot Be Canceled In The Following Situations

If 60 days have not passed since the member's last order.

If a membership cancellation request is made with a different e-mail address

If the member cannot be reached from their registered information

Membership Will Be Canceled By Us In The Following Situations

If the member is Unethical, sending messages or writing comments

If attempted fraud

Has attempted to harm the system or the name Surikka.

Member Security

Every precaution has been taken in our store for the safety of the member. You are responsible for the security of member information in addition to these measures taken. Do not share the information you use to log in to our store with anyone, do not log into the system from computers that you are not sure of their security.

Different Address

For each member, there is an address section where they can enter a different address, apart from their registered address, while finalizing the order. You can use the address section when sending gifts to your friends, as well as during periods when you are at different addresses.

For example: During the periods when you will be in different branches of the company you work for, or when you stay at the cottage, or if you want your invoice to reach you and a friend of yours.

Product Reviews

Every member can write comments on products. The more you share your knowledge and experience with other users, the more enjoyable and conscious shopping will be. As customer reviews will be impartial and based on experience, a more conscious shopping environment will arise.

Things to consider when writing a product review: Take care to write respectful comments to other users and the manufacturer of the product, within the framework of general moral rules. Comments are reviewed and unappropriate comments are deleted.


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